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Golf and Travel wins two World Golf Awards in 2020

As in the previous year, Golf and Travel was awarded two World Golf Awards 2020 on October 29. For the second time as Switzerland’s Best Outbound Golf Tour Operator and for the third time for “Golf in Switzerland” as Switzerland’s Best Inbound Golf Tour Operator.

Despite a very challenging year, the company from Central Switzerland has once again underlined its position as the leading Swiss golf tour operator:

  • At the beginning of summer, “Golf in Switzerland” presented a Switzerland catalog with forty “Stay-and-Play” arrangements tailored to Swiss guests and organized several 1-week group tours across Switzerland.
  • Golf and Travel also made its market entry into French-speaking Switzerland in August. Thus, the team around Thomas Bächler today is the only Swiss Golf TO which offers its services throughout Switzerland in German as well as in French.

Due to the high demand, the company is planning to expand “Golf in Switzerland” in 2021 for local guests as well as for European golfers. In addition, a varied range of “self-drive” trips to neighboring countries, especially Italy and France, will be included in the travel program.

More about the World Golf Awards:

More about Golf and Travel:

More about Golf in Switzerland:


If you like to learn more about Golf in Switzerland, please contact Patrick A. Widmer, Business Development Manager at Golf and Travel.

+41 41 799 71 99


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