Golfer Services

Sure, you can try to build your own golfing vacation in Switzerland on the internet. But believe us, we know the best places, we know the right people and we have the expertise to make sure you get the best out of your time and money. We can foster your vacation from A–Z. Just the way you like it.


Let us take care of all travel arrangements within Switzerland such as rental cars, shuttle services, train journeys, luxury and sports car trips over the highest mountain passes or excursions by helicopter. 


Looking for a typical, quaint and remote boutique hotel? Or the top of the range, award-winning 5*-deluxe hotel? We can organize the best match for you based on your preferences.


Despite being known for its melted cheese dishes (Fondue, Raclette) the Swiss gastronomic landscape is varied and widespread. The country has countless restaurants with Michelin-stars and 14+ GaultMilleau points. And many insider tips that are known by the locals and can not be found on TripAdvisor for their real value. By the way, we do know many of them as well. Remember, we are local.

Rental Equipment

Being relatively new to golf tourism, many courses only have a limited stock of rental equipment such as electric trollies, golf cars or rental golf sets. Please let us know about your special requirements as soon as possible so that we can make advance bookings with either the golf clubs or dedicated service providers.


Leave the hassle organizing and booking all of your touristic excursions and activities to us. Apart of doing the work for you we generally have direct access to the operators which results in advantages such as preferred tee-times and better choices.

Tournament Management A–Z

Does your party plan to play a tournament or even a league? Let us organize your event from A–Z for you. We can take care of golf, scoring, food & beverage, giveaways, awards and much more.

Checklist/Planning your visit

BudgetDepending on the type of vacation chosen, Switzerland can be relatively expensive. It is therefore important to have an idea of your budget in order to be able to build the best matching program for you.
DateThe golf season in Switzerland generally spans from April–October in the lowlands and from as little as June-September in the mountains. Depending on your flexibility there may be more or less options available.
DurationSwitzerland is not the typical country where you play golf every day. You might but then you will only have little time to discover the top sights. We suggest you play golf every other day and visit the countries highlights or pamper yourself on the other days. Anything from 4 days and more is sensible.
Type of VisitPlease let us know whether you want to travel to one or a few places or whether you want to go on a circuit. And which of the highlights you absolutely want to visit.
#of participantsWe need to know the number of people in your party in order to be able to make the required inquiries and bookings.
#of roundsHow many 18 hole rounds of golf would you like to play during your stay?
Desired accommodation standardPlease let us know what type of hotel you prefer, what standard you expect (number of stars) and whether you want to share your room or not.
Need for rental equipmentPlease let us know if you need a rental set (male/female, right- or left handed, graphite/steel shaft, preferred brand if available), golf cars or trollies (push or electric).
Transfer/Travel requirementsHow would you like to travel while in Switzerland? Independent with a rental car, serviced transfers or shuttles, or public transport by train and/or bus? Or anything fancy such as transfers by helicopter?
Visa requirementsDepending on which country you travel from, you may need a visa to travel to Switzerland. We are more than happy to assist you as soon as we have your nationality and country of residence.